XPC Gaming is an eSports Organisation founded in January 2014. Our aim is to be a leader in the Romanian and East-European competitive esports market, which has been partly achieved by our successful engagement in the Romanian scene. 

Since our early successes, XPC Gaming has come a long way, from having a club with a gaming staff and only one manager to a profitable, viable image in the European eSports Scene. Today, XPC Gaming actively works with several major partners; the club includes memberships in the most popular computer sports disciplines, and products with the XPC logo are sold worldwide. Since that time, XPC Gaming players have visited more than two hundred tournaments and, in only in rare cases didn’t get on the podium, having won 72 of them along the way.  

What underpins our success and makes us different to other gaming teams? At XPC Gaming we have a highly talented and dedicated squad of players that is organised and directed by great management. We understand the importance of our sponsors and how they facilitate our gaming success. In return we offer a direct portal into the gaming and eSports market, where we reflect our partners brands, products and goals, as if they were our own.