News to South East Europe Championship's offline stage at Romexpo

Fri 6th May 2016 - 9:26pm : Gaming managed to get the last spot to the offline event in Bucharest at Romexpo in the competition South East Europe Championship by winning against Pixel with 2-0.


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After the roster change that our team had in the last days, Cristian "sXe" Niță, is ready to win his first thropy under's name.


                                                                          starkiller will be's coach at South East Europe Championship offline event in Bucharest


Here is's journey through the group stages of South East Europe Championship:

                                                                             managed not to lose any match in group stages


After a stunning performance in the group stage, have advanced to the playoffs we're they met the followings:

                                                                             unfortunately lost 2-1 against BPro Esports.


Our highest rated player at the moment, Cosmin "COSMEEEN" Butuc crosses a very good stage for his career at only 16 years old. After winning PGL National Division Season 1 against GG1337 now knew as aimclub, COSMEEEN had a stunning performance between those 2 maps with a K/D ration of 1.98

                                                                            Will COSMEEEN be able to maintain his amazing form he has in recent months ?


Valetin "SEMINTE" Bodea as said above, semi-finalists who will play the offline stage at Romexpo in Bucharest are aimclub, Bpro Esports, and To Be Announced.


Also, our League of Legends team, had a stunning performance in the group stages as the CS:GO team


                                               XPC had a stunning performance like the CS:GO team, without losing a single game in the group stages


The League of Legends team had the same fate as CS:GO team, losing in the semi-finals 2-0 against Elysium.

                                                XPC have qualified themselves after winning 2-1 against Team Horizon Reapers in the lower final.




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