First Place at Insomnia 58 CS:GO Open!

Mon 29th Aug 2016 - 1:06pm : Gaming

We took The First Place at Insomnia 58 CS:GO Open! With a stunning performance our boys managed to win in The Grand Final against Team Infused 3-2 (1-0 map advantage from the Winners bracket) and we've won a prize of £3.750 had confortable group, where they won Group C without losing a match.

# Team W T L P
1 5 0 0 15
2 eBGaming_ 4 0 1 12
3 Clarted 3 0 2 9
4 Penguin Mix 2 0 3 6
5 Dirty Old Badgers 1 0 4 3


                                                                                After a long day, we'll face Millwall Bushwackers in the first round of the Winners Bracket.



In the first round of the Winners Bracket, we managed to win 16-1 against Millwall Bushwackers. We look forward to play in the second round of the Winners Bracket against Rize Gaming.


                                                                                              We'll play the last BO1 match against Rize Gaming 



We beat Rize Gaming 1-0 in the last BO1 of the Winners Bracket. We'll face CAZ eSports in the Winners Bracket Semi-Final for a spot in the Winners Bracket Final.


                                                                                              WHiTE's break between the matches



 In the Winners Bracket Semi-Finals, We have passed CAZ eSports 2-and advanced to the Winners Bracket Final where we will face Team Infused in a BO3 series.


                                                                                                "These Lenovo laptops are really doing their job"



In the final match of the second day, We beat in the Winners Bracket Final Team Infused 2-0, 16-3 on Cache and 16-4 on Mirage and advanced to The Grand Final. Our team succeeded not losing a single map in all matches


                                                                                             Time to go to hotel! Preparing for The Grand Final!



The third day of the competition, The Grand Final! We'll play Team Infused in a BO5 again because they've past CAZ eSports 2-1. We will have 1 map due coming from the Winners Bracket.


                                                                                                The team is preparing before The Grand Final



Again, Champions! We've managed to win against Team Infused 3-2 once again( 19-17 on Dust 2, 11-16 on Cache, 6-16 on Cobblestone and 16-4 on Overpass) and become Insomnia 58 CS:GO Open Winners! K - D +/- ADR Rating
Cosmin-Mihai "COSMEEEN" Butuc 77-71 +6 80.3 1.10
Adrian "XELLOW" Guță 81-74 +7 84.3 1.03 
Cristian "sXe" Niță 72-73 -1 74.5 1.00
Cosmin-Andrei "WHiTE" Cetănaș 67-77 -10 69.9 0.88
Valentin "SEMINTE" Bodea 55-67 -12 60.8  0.85 



                                                                                                       Until The Grand Final, we didn't lost any map



We want to say special thank you to Lenovo & Red Bull for making this possible, and for those who have supported us on Stream!


                                                                                            We will pe play the PGL Division Final Sunday! Stay tuned!



Paul Mihalache

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