Topicthe effect from extreme diet treatment

  • Thu 7th Sep 2017 - 12:35pm

    In order to achieve fast and maximum results, acupuncture therapy should be supported by a diet (diet) is proportional, and exercise (exercise) is regular. Set the diet, which is by reducing the intake of calories and fat (low-calorie diet), but pay attention to nutritional intake to keep balanced (4 healthy 5 perfect), so it does not cause effects that could harm the body.

    The wrong dietary effect:

    Blood pressure drops.
    The triglyceride level drops.
    Cholesterol (HDL) increases.
    Cholesterol (LDL) levels decreased.
    Heart abnormalities.
    Irregular menstruation.
    Anemia, and
    Hair loss.

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    Physical activity such as exercise should also be done to support your program. In general obesity is also due to decreased caloric needs, due to reduced physical activity, so .. change your lifestyle, go to the Gym! Keep at least 30-60 minutes of exercise, for 3 times a week, and do CARDIOFITNESS support exercises for your heart & physical fitness, such as; jogging, cycling, rowing, etc. After a few months, enjoy & feel for yourself the results of your hard work.

    Remember .. in running the program to lose weight, should not be done quickly "instant", but make therapy sustainable (long term). So that the body is not surprised to receive drastic changes that occur in your body. For that it takes discipline in running the business. Who knows .. after this slimming therapy, Bodyshape you can like Luna Maya, Fauzi Baadilah, or anyone you want.

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